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Welcome to the official launch of the Alpha version of Mirror Me Fashion. What does this mean? In Alpha, we use basic tools to provide you with fashion styling help. Later versions of the site will use more advanced technology like Virtual Fitting. Notwithstanding, being here today allows you to meaningfully participate in the development of this service and build a strong following that you may be able to monetize later. Sign up today and build your following!

What should you expect? 

The purpose of this roll-out is to observe how you interact with <a href=” mirrromefashion.com”>mirrromefashion.com</a> so that we can test and improve the technology. You will be able to use the ShapeMe® Body Modeling System to build your shape when you enter the site today. You will also be able to create posts, upload content, and befriend and interact with other members upon registering an account and logging in to your profile. 

You may encounter errors and breaks in the code while using the site. This is typical of an alpha release. If you experience any issues send us your <a href=”…/feeback”>feedback here</a> or from within the Sophia chat. 

What are some advantages of being an early adopter?

Space will be given to fashion professionals (designers, retailers, stylists, shoppers, bloggers, influencers, etc.) to partner and grow with the company. The Mirror Me Fashion Monetization Program will be introduced later, which you can benefit from if you have the best and strongest products, services, and following. Not only can you grow a following to later monetize by being here, joining us today should also be an enjoyable experience that enlightens you, inspires you and awakens your fashion curiosity. 

What’s to come for Mirror Me Fashion Beta?

The next major release of Mirror Me Fashion will include:

  1. An upgrade to the ShapeMe® Modeler for pregnant women, infant and child body shapes, and the rear sides of the body modeller

  2. Full Sophia chat capabilities with fashion advice for your unique body shape

  3. Improvements to the features and tools that you can use on the site

  4. An ecommerce store that lets you buy clothes, shoes and accessories upon receiving Sophia’s free styling advice

Our team is working diligently to make this a service deserving of your time and attention. Subscribe to receive notifications on site updates, version releases, and other company news.