Sherri Shepherd - Styling a Diamond

Sherri Shepherd - Styling a Diamond

Celebrity Style

Much of the challenge of dressing a diamond figure is shrinking the size of your bust. Depending on how large your breasts and how much you want to flaunt it, this could be a good challenge or a not-so good challenge.

Sherri’s Shepherd has one major secret weapon: stiletto heels. No one rocks a high heel as well as she does. Typically worn on petite women to add an inch or two of height, Sherri is a great example of how heels can add a few inches to shorter women in a fashionable way.

Sherri also uses color brilliantly. Colorful, bright patterns bring vibrancy to an ensemble, and in Sherri’s case the bright colors match her lively personality and big smile.

Diamonds are known for their killer legs, and Ms. Shepherd is no different. Knowing this she frequently wears eye-catching, short length skirts to show off her amazing legs. A-line skirts look amazing on Diamond shapes.

To pay homage to Sherri’s style try this: stilettos with a midi straight or an a-line skirt in a bold, bright color and pattern.