Muffintop Blues

Muffintop Blues

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Styling the female body helps bring balance to the upper and lower portions of your shape around a narrow waistline. That makes having muffintop problematic, and the reason you hate it so much. The first bit of good news is that women with muffintop usually have attractive breasts. So while you may dislike the extra pounds at your belly feel confident knowing that you have naturally great looking breasts. 

Invest in spanks, a corset or girdle. There is nothing wrong with using these undergarments to hide, train and curve your waist. A corset is specifically designed to reshape your midsection. Spanks maybe necessary depending on the severity of your muffintop.

The other way to hide or reduce your muffintop involves playing with the proportions of your shape to visually reduce the size of your stomach. To do this, wear tops that close at the neckline. Your thought may be to expose your breasts to bring the eyes to your cleavage. That only minimally distracts the eyes’ attention. It does nothing to shrink the bulge of your stomach. Crewneck shirts and blouses that close at the neck with short or cap sleeves are perfect for you. Tops that close at the neckline blanket the topmost area of your body resulting in a more equally matched torso and stomach height. Use this advice on days when you want to wear tops that hug your body a bit.

Avoid cropped or ¾ sleeves since they only bring attention to your middle section. Empire-waist tops and dresses with a lot of flare are obvious winners for your body shape. Any top that cinches below your breast to define your waistline will work great for you. Layering with a blazer or cardigan will look amazing on you too, along with loose, flowing tees and blouses that drop below or at the midpoint of your bottom.

Wear v-neck and deep u-necks with a layer like a cardi or blazer.

Lastly, women with muffintop tend to have small bottoms. If your stomach extends 1.5 inches or more beyond your bottom avoid tight jeans and pants, especially if they have pleats, pockets or other design elements that bring the eyes to your muffintop. If you can, prefer straight leg, wide leg, gathered ankle or flared bottoms.