Hourglass Body Shape Styling Advice

Hourglass Body Shape Styling Advice

Styling Your Body Shape

An hourglass body type is considered the most ideal female shape because of your evenly proportioned hip and bust measurements and small, curvy waist. The trouble is that your ‘ideal shape’ is one of the most difficult body shapes to dress. One false move in either direction can make you appear too sexy or barely put together.

The secret behind dressing your body shape is layering and avoiding tight-all-over ensembles unless, of course, you aim to show sex appeal.

Sexifying your wardrobe is not a major problem for you so we’re going to focus on answering the question to how you can look good in a casual setting without appearing overtly sexy.

Overly simple t-shirt, jeans and sneakers are too blasé for your body shape. This doesn't mean that you can't wear tees and tanks. No, it means that you have greater permission to do a more without looking hacked. Instead of a basic tee choose a tee with some-- any sort of design detail: a crop, a plunging ‘v’, a gathered waist. If you can’t avoid a plain tee choose bottoms with a fun, colorful pattern. You can handle color without throwing off the balance of your proportions. Take risks!

Also, choose opposite fits top-to-bottom. For example, if wearing a tight-fitting shirt pair it with loose-fitting pants or a skirt – or – layer it with a lengthy cardigan or jacket to play down the sex appeal. Layers work great for you. If wearing high right skinny jeans, throw on an open, airy top. Something with crop that shows off your small waist would work even better.

Have fun dressing up your lower body: plaid, ripped, and cropped pants; most styles will work for you. Wear your bottoms loose or fitted, natural- or high-waisted. Belt it or don't

Avoid bulky sneakers. Avoid embellishments (like frills or puff) at your neck and shoulders and wear buttoned shirts in one of these three ways: tucked with highwaisted pants; lengthy but fitted with a well-defined waist (as in a cinch or belt); or extremely lengthy as in a shirt-dress also with a defined waist.