Bored With Your Wardrobe? Spice it Up!

Bored With Your Wardrobe? Spice it Up!

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Every week you wear the same looking ensemble mixed and matched just enough to avoid re-wearing an outfit. And now you’re bored with your wardrobe. It’s not that you don’t do enough shopping or keep up with what’s trending. In fact, you spend what you need to keep a fresh look. What to do?

RULE #1: Do the opposite of what you’ve always done. Human beings are habit-forming creatures who instinctively repeat behavior from the past whether good or bad. When it comes to your fashion choices, this means that you always buy and wear the same colors and styles without second thought, unknowingly.

Take inventory of everything you own and then do the complete opposite. If you always wear solid, monotone colors, aim for big bright patterns and loud colors. If your wardrobe features too many jeans and flats switch to dresses and sandals or heels. If you always wear colorful, busy, frilly outfits opt for structured statement pieces in simple colors. Experiment with buying styles and colors you never wear. You’ll surprise yourself with how noticeably great you look.

RULE #2: Try new styles of dress. After you’ve pushed dated pieces to the back of your closet in favor of a new wardrobe, you’ll want to experiment with different styles. Styling is a great way to express your mood. Feeling like you want a comfortable day? Instead of your usual casual modern, try out an urban look by rocking some fly Nike’s and a fitted cap. What about a boho style that favors loosely fit, flowing wide legs, big hats and earthy patterns? From a hipster look to more risqué, outside of the mainstream looks like gothic or pixie; you can do no wrong by switching up your look. You’ll especially notice how differently people respond to you once inside your new frocks. Maybe you discover something about yourself.

Though not a rule, as a final tidbit: accessorize the heck out of your wardrobe with belts, scarves, stockings, headgear, and whatever else you can find. Accessories are a great way to change up your style.