Apple Body Shape Styling Advice

Apple Body Shape Styling Advice

Styling Your Body Shape

A lot of dressing a woman with a rotund midsection and small, lean legs is counter-intuitive. Your inclination is likely to drape yourself in fabric to cover your body when that will make you appear heavier than you actually are. Let’s go over some techniques you can use to style yourself better.

Wear garments that create a diagonal or horizontal line across your body to accentuate the curves of your shape. Avoid a 1:1 ratio on the top and bottom half of your body (e.g. a t-shirt with a cropped pant of the same length). Those proportions visually draw a parallel between your upper and lower body, which will cause your upper body to stand out by comparison.

Scoopneck and empire-waist tops are examples of how you can soften your shape and bring out the curves of your figure. Always opt for feminine lines and curves in a garment, like a u-shaped hemline, versus hard, square edges.

Try to avoid tight bottoms that shrink your legs further. It’s tempting to want to wear leggings. Instead choose tapered pant, namely ones with gathers at the ankle. Bootcut and regular fit jeans work well for you. Any bottom with design details at the ankles will flatter your body shape.

Heels and wedges are great ways to give you lift and curves. Pointed toe shoes, especially when pair with bottoms whose hemline sweeps the floor.

Lastly, though this rule is first, always wear proper undergarment that hold, shape and support your shape. Comfort is key so choose wisely.